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Upholding the Integrity of Our Democracy:

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Article by Dr Samuel Essah-Hienwo, US Based Public Policy Analyst

Your Crucial Role as Delegates

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Dear Esteemed Delegates,

I hope this message finds you well and in good health. As we approach the important task of nominating our party’s flagbearer for the upcoming Presidential election, I would like to address each and every one of you with a deep sense of respect and appreciation for your commitment to our great nation’s future.

You will agree with me that our party stands at a critical crossroads, facing a choice that will shape the destiny of our nation for years to come.

It is not merely about selecting a flagbearer; it is about safeguarding the principles upon which our democracy was built, ensuring that the voice of the people remains paramount, and securing the prosperity and welfare of our citizens.

In the midst of this pivotal moment, I am aware that you may be facing numerous pressures and temptations. I implore you, our esteemed delegates, to reflect deeply upon the significance of your role in this process.

The decision you make transcends personal gain or immediate gratification. It reverberates throughout our nation, touching the lives of millions. Your vote is a beacon of hope for those who trust you to uphold the principles of democracy.

Accepting bribes to vote for a candidate who does not genuinely represent the aspirations of our citizens will have far-reaching consequences.

It compromises the integrity of our political system, undermines public trust in our party, and tarnishes the reputation of our beloved nation on the global stage. We risk losing the faith of the very people we are entrusted to serve.

I urge you, dear delegates, to stand firm against the temptation of short-term financial gains and to prioritize the long-term well-being of our nation. A free and fair nomination process is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy, and we must uphold this principle.

Consider the candidate who embodies the values, vision, and dedication needed to lead our nation towards a brighter future. Evaluate their track record, their commitment to fairness and justice, and their ability to unite and uplift our people.

We must choose a candidate who embodies the values of honesty, empathy, and dedication to the dignity and well-being of every citizen of our country, Ghana.

Remember that history is watching, and our actions today will shape the legacy we leave behind for future generations. Let us be the stewards of a legacy of integrity, democracy, and unwavering dedication to the betterment of our nation.

We have faith in your wisdom and your commitment to the principles of democracy. As you cast your votes, we implore you to vote with your conscience, to prioritize the welfare of our nation above all else, and to uphold the values that define our great party.

The path we choose today will shape the destiny of our beloved nation, and we have faith that, as delegates, you will rise to the occasion and make the right choice by choosing the candidate who truly represents the path of honesty, fairness, and the greater good, for the sake of our nation’s future.

Thank you for your dedication to our democratic process, and may our collective wisdom guide us towards a brighter future for our nation. Together, we can ensure that our democracy remains a shining beacon of hope and progress.

Samuel Essah-Hienwol

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