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Bompata PIWC Members Preach Christ With Health Walk

Less than 1 minute Minutes

Scores of members of the Pentecost International Worship Center (PIWC), Bompata-Area on Sunday defied the scorcing sun to preach Christ Jesus while undertaking same during a health walk where they held several placards making known their faith.

Setting off from the church’s premises close to the Aboabo Post Office at 11am amidst brass band music, the church members used the Airport Roundabout route and walked through Asawasi and joined the WAEC road towards the Amakom roundabout.

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The congregants from the Amakom roundabout meandered their way through the Kumasi Sports stadium and took some time off to catch some breath at the Heroes Park and the frontage of the Sports Stadium.

With young ones from ages 6 upwards following as well as the youth and the aged actively involved in the propagation of the Gospel, the church, however, ensured that busese were available and occasionally picked up those who got tired along the way.

Coming back the congregation used the Anloga junction route back to Aboabo and to the church’s premises where they prayed and sang songs for God’s  grace for the physical and spiritual engagement.

Resident Minister:

Speaking to the media after the walk, Pastor Joshua Kwabena Donkor, Resident Minister for PIWC-Bompata Area said the members are happy to have fulfilled the command of Christ.

He noted that the Church used the day to celebrate communion in church and decided to fulfill the whole scripture that asked that anytime they shared in that meal they also keep proclaiming the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus on the cross of  Calvary and his imminent return to the world by walking to preach the Gospel.

The Minister expressed happiness that the congregation had the opportunity to tell the public abour Christ and the need for all to get to know him better.

“It was fulfilling to see how God enabled us to partake in communion service and walk afterwards to preach Christ to those who may not have heard about him and others whose love for him was waxing cold. We are trusting God to help those who heard the word to get rooted in him and enable them to serve him all their days”, Pastor Donkor stated.

Presiding Elder:

Dr Michael Owusu, Presiding Elder and Lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) told the media that the church was grateful to God for the opportunity to walk after church service.

He stated that having both the chance to exercise their bodies physically and also talk to others about Christ Jesus was humbling but uplifting of the soul.

Dr Owusu who is also Lead Researcher at the Kumasi Center for Collaborative Research into Tropical Medicine (KCCR) said physical exercise profit the human body and mind, adding that it helps to minimise the incidences of sickness and diseases as it clears the body sytem of fat and unwanted substances through sweat.

“We are grateful to God for granting us the opportunity to burn fat and also talk to those who do not know Christ Jesus as their Lord and Saviour”, Dr Owusu stated.

Story By Michael Ofosu-Afriyie,


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