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Grave Looters Invade Tafo Cemetery

Less than 1 minute Minutes

DEAD PEOPLE, who have been buried at the Tafo Cemetery in Kumasi, the Ashanti Region, are not being allowed to rest in peace.

Some faceless people are said to be visiting the cemetery, under the cover of darkness to dig graves of deceased people.

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Surprisingly, the grave looters, reportedly, dig the graves just to remove iron rods that have been used to cover the graves and sell it to enrich themselves.

Because the grave looters, also known as ‘Condemn’ people, perpetrate their condemnable actions in the night, it is very difficult to apprehend them.

When Press1News visited the Tafo Cemetery in the afternoon, some of the graves were wide open, exposing bones of the dead bodies.

Some of the workers at the cemetery expressed concern about the happenings at the cemetery, saying the perpetrators operate deep in the night.

“These ‘Condemn’ people visit the cemetery at night, dig the graves, break into the concrete and take away the iron rods that were used to cover the graves.

“These unscrupulous people, especially target graves that are 10 years and above, break them and take away the iron rods, which they sell for small money.

“The breaking of the graves is increasing on a daily basis and authorities should act quickly”, a cemetery worker, who demanded anonymity, noted.

According to him, if the negative trend continues, very soon it would be difficult for people to visit the graves of their loved ones, who have been buried.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr.,


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