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Marriage Should Be Made Attractive And Simple-Counsellor Krampah Asserts

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HEAD PASTOR of the Baptist International Worship Center, a branch under the Ghana Baptist Convention, Reverend Albert Krampah has encouraged members of the public who are desirous of marriage to do so without seeing it as a costly venture or a cumbersome process.

He noted that what was important is for any prospective couple to have the desire to marry under the ordinance law system.

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Speaking to this reporter at his office at the Asokwa Marriage Registry where he leads as Head of Department, Reverend Krampah said marriage was not meant by God to be a cumbersome or costly enterprise.

‘’I believe many Christian leaders and churches have a wrong conception about marriage and have by their views being scaring prospective couples away from getting married in the church but marriage should not be a costly venture’’, Reverend Krampah stated.

Reverend Krampah also welcomed persons who have been ostracized by the church due to any bad act they may have committed as well as those facing other challenges to visit the counseling department at the Asokwa Assembly to undergo therapy that would ensure they regularize and consummate their union.


The marriage counselor disclosed that the Asokwa Marriage registry where he leads provides counseling to persons who have intentions to marry.

He noted that at the registry, counseling needed to ascertain the readiness of the couple is done and after that if the couples would want to do it at the registry they would have everything they would need to perform the sacred ceremony.

Reverend Krampah said the registry had made it possible to get a church atmosphere for those who would want a fully fledged service for marriages to be consummated at the same time.

‘’As a trained and licensed marriage counselor I have ensured that when two persons decide to marry, every support is given to them so that they can get the holy and sacred ceremony done for them after undergoing the mandatory counseling process’’, the BIWC leader intimated.


Reverend Krampah said the Asokwa Marriage Registry exists to help persons desiring to marry but are facing challenges to do so.

The Department provides counseling sessions for prospective couples after they have registered to undertake the formal process.

Since the Department is legally recognized and operating through the Asokwa Municipal Assembly, Reverend Krampah asked that persons who desire to marry and at wherever they are placed to take advantage and get their unions consummated at Asokwa.

‘’Asokwa Marriage Registry is here to serve and to make life meaningful for the public particularly persons desirous of marriage and those who need counseling to do well in their marriages’’, the Counselor noted.

BY Michael Ofosu-Afriyie 


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