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KMA ‘Marries’ Port Of Spain For Development

Less than 1 minute Minutes

SAM PYNE, the Kumasi Mayor, on Friday morning together with his counterpart, Alderman Joel Matrinez, Mayor of Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago appended their signatures to a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two cities.

The brief but friendly ceremony was held at the Kumasi Mayor’s office with both cities having strong representations from their Trade, Social and Tourism departments.

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With both countries sharing many things in common, the agreement centered on the need to explore their cultural heritages, social lifestyles and tourism potentials.

Signing for their respective cities, both Hon Pyne and His Worship Martinez expressed happiness about the opportunity to concretize their relationship and to also chart a path future Mayors of the two cities could explore for the benefit of their peoples.

Port Of Spain Mayor:

Speaking to the media after the signing ceremony, Port of Spain City Mayor said he was excited about the prospects of the new relationship with Kumasi City.

He noted that after initial talks with the Kumasi Mayor, he realized both cities share so much in common which could be explored further and harnessed for the benefit of their peoples.

He revealed that he shares the same vision with the Kumasi Mayor who wants to utilize the tourism potentials in Kumasi for the good of the people.

‘’Strikingly, we both realized that we share so much in common in both cultural and social aspects of our cities and it is with so much delight that along these identified similarities we would be exploring many others such as trade and commerce for our common good’’, Mr Martinez stated.

K’si Mayor:

On his part, Hon Sam Pyne noted that the KMA cherishes the opportunity they are getting to explore potentials the city has and that of Port of Spain.

This, he noted, would be beneficial to their peoples since the relationship promises to create investment as well as job and tourism opportunities.

The Kumasi Mayor welcomed the opportunity for Kumasi city to be part of a carnival which the people of Trinidad would be holding with their Kumasi counterparts on Saturday.

‘’I am delighted to sign this MOU which would kick start good things to come including employment, business and investment opportunities as we also hope that tomorrow’s carnival by the people of Trinidad would create excitement in our people so that we can also showcase what we have’’, Hon Pyne stated.

By Michael Ofosu-Afriyie 


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