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Government Has Plans To Sustain Developments in Energy-Herbert KRAPA Asserts

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DEPUTY MINISTER for Energy, Herbert Krapa says sustainable development is today by far the biggest challenge we face as a people and as a planet.

However, he noted that governments across the world have a duty to save both and to preserve the planet, natural resources as well as people’s health and sustain jobs in an already competitive 21st Century.



Speaking at the 2023 Digital and Sustainability Experience at the College of Engineering, Kwame NkrumahUniversity of Science and Technology (KNUST), the Deputy Minister said, ‘two months ago, I said in Dakar, that we in Africa, just like all others everywhere else in the world, are feeling the effects of a changing climate and cannot but join the global cause to slow it down; to build sustainable solutions whether in finance, environment or energy’.

He also noted that no effort to tackle climate change will yield any impact at all, if it leaves the energy sector behind.

“We know this, and our vision to transition the energy sector towards a net-zero emissions future: to produce and use clean energy; and ensure mitigation every step of the way, is on course.


The Deputy Minister said Ghana’s Energy Transition Framework will achieve decarbonisation by 2070.

This, he said would be achieved by increasing renewable energy penetration, converting thermal plants to natural gas and adding nuclear as the baseload.

The Deputy Minister noted that government will introduce new technologies, like Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage, Green Hydrogen, Electric Vehicles and Clean Cooking.

“We are implementing a Renewable Energy Masterplan, to increase renewable energy; reduce our dependence on biomass for thermal energy; provide decentralised electrification for off-grid communities and promote local content”, Mr Krapa stated.


In the area of energy efficiency, the Deputy Minister said it has introduced performance standards.

A ban on overaged appliances and labelling are in force to ensure efficiency, he added.

“We do not flare gas anymore, because we know what a danger that is to the environment. Our Gas Masterplan focusses on gas for power and non-power uses, and Compressed Natural Gas will soon be a popular fuel for large trucks”, the Deputy Minister posited.

He added that, ‘our target is to ensure 50% LPG penetration by 2030, and our Cylinder Recirculation Model, with which everyone can exchange an empty cylinder with a filled new one, will ensure affordability and safety’.

Timelines For Policy Rollout.
By 2030, the Deputy Minister said new sales of household appliances should be best in class

He added that 60% of cooling appliances and systems should be best in class;Internal Combustion Engines and trains should be fueled by Compressed Natural Gas;
10% of our electricity generation should be renewable; And there should be 10% of ethanol blend in petroleum products.

By 2040:

Upscale nuclear power in our electricity generation;
Deploy Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage for electricity generation, oil and gas and industry;

We should have replaced aviation kerosene with biofuel;
Phased out off-road fossil fueled Internal Combustion Engines;
And we should have phased out completely fossil liquid fuels for electricity generation.

By 2050:

More than 50% of our water heating systems will have to be solar;
More than 50% of urban households will use electric stoves;

More than 90% of household electrical appliances should be best in class;
And more than 70% of cars should run on electricity and hydrogen.


More than 70% of rural households should use LPG for cooking;
ALL appliances and systems should be best in class;

ALL road and rail mobilities should be powered by electricity and hydrogen;
And 20% of electricity generation capacity should be renewable.

MR Krapa said, ‘o these ambitious targets of our Transition Framework, I should ordinarily say ‘So help us God’.

Story By Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, 


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