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Cops Sweep Accra-After Arise Ghana Demo

Less than 1 minute Minutes


A policeman sweeping the streets of Accra

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A GROUP of policemen have been ordered to sweep the streets of Accra, to keep the place neat and tidy.

There was enormous filth on the streets of the capital city after the Arise Ghana Demonstration last week.

Surprisingly, the demonstrators did not clear the mess they have created after the protest march.

In a short video sighted by Press1News, some policemen were seen sweeping the streets as civilians looked on.

The security agents, who were in uniform, were also captured taken away huge stones from the busy streets.

Interestingly, the protestors had pelted the policemen with the same stones during the demonstration.

Scores of angry people stormed the streets of Accra to demonstrate against hardship in the country for two days.

The first-day of the protest turned violent as the protestors clashed with policemen, tasked to provide security.

The demonstrators were armed with stones of different sizes which they hurled at the police, who had to ran for cover.

By I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr

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