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Chieftaincy Minister, Bawku Chiefs, Explore Avenues For Lasting Peace

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THE MINISTER for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Stephen Asamoah Boateng has reached out to Traditional Authorities in Bawku to explore ways of solving the Chieftaincy dispute there.

In a meeting with the Overlord and Elders of the Kusauk Traditional Area, Hon. Asamoah Boateng assured the Chiefs and people of government’s support to use Constitutional Provisions to address the Bawku debacle.

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He also assured them of Government’s commitment to law and order in the area which he said is non negotiable.

“The number one job of any government is to maintain law and order…It’s the State’s responsibility to protect you. And that I can assure you that law and order is always at the heart of government.”

“The Rule of Law I can assure you, is our belief and we will pursue it and make sure people are abiding by it and people are happy, so that we can all live peacefully.” He said.

This is Hon. Asamoah Boateng’s first visit as Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs to the area since he assumed office in March 2023.


The Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs Minister has taken note of a backlog of Chieftaincy disputes across the country, a challenge he gladly accepts to enhance peace and tranquility in in any such area.

The Bawku Conflict has been one of the most notable conflict zones in the country hence the Minister first paid them a pleasant visit.


The Bawku conflict which arose from a Chieftaincy dispute in the area decades ago has led to the loss of several lives and greatly impeded development in the area.

This is due to the retrogression of education, health care delivery and economic activities.

Hon. Asamoah Boateng who has high hopes of resolving the age-old dispute appealed for support from the disputants and pledged to even go behind the curtain should the need arise.

“I know that sometimes we have to go behind the scenes and that’s what I assure you. I will go behind the scenes, we will do a private chat and we will draw a road map”. He stated.


He admitted that there would be difficulties along the way but also expressed hope of compromises too.

“I know the core values would be protected so that you don’t compromise too much too. So that at the end of it, there would be peace, lasting peace”. He noted amid a rapturous applause from the people.


Overlord of the Kusauk Traditional Area, Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II expressed appreciation to the Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs Minister for the visit and attempts to help find lasting peace in the area.

Naaba Azoka II urged that State to enforce the law to the latter.

Story By Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, 


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