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Zango Chiefs, Imams Call For Peace In Their Communities

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PIX: Ameer Alhaji Osman Bun Ahmad, Chief Fulani, Ashanti Region addressing the media Saturday morning


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AMEER ALHAJI Osman Bun Ahmad, Chief Fulani in the Ashanti Region has on behalf of the Peace and Reconciliation Committee as well as Zango Chiefs and Imams called on residents in the Zongo communities to rather than anything promote discipline, peace, love and harmony wherever they find themselves.

Addressing a press conference at the Kumasi Central Mosque Saturday morning, the Ameer said there has been tension in and around the Zango Community followed by accusations and counter accusations since the demise of the late Sarkin Zongo.

The situation, he noted has further degenerated since the nomination, selection and subsequent election of the New Sarkin Zango.

“This development came as a result of the nomination, selection and subsequent election of the New Sarkok Zango which has been challenged and the matter still in court”, the spokesperson stated.


The spokesperson said it was based on the ongoing polarisation that the Chiefs, Imams and the leadership of the Peace and Reconciliation Committee of the Office of the Chief Imam decided to step into the impasse for peace to reign in the Zangos.

He stated that the committee as well as the Chiefs and Imams were committed to work to ensure the peace in the Zango remain same just as it was before the demise of the late Sarkon Zango.

The Ameer noted that violence at this stage would not serve their interest.

“Violence at this stage of our development is not in the best interest of our society because the late Chief Imam Al Sheikh Imrana Musah had repeatedly said that all of us are related to one another as a result inter-tribal marriages”, the Chief Fulani stated.


The Spokesperson appealed to the youth of the Zango including radio persons and leaders to exercise restraint and desist from using abusive, divisive and derogatory comments that are likely to send the community into a state of anarchy.

He said no matter the outcome of the selection one personality would eventually become the leader of the Zango.

The spokesperson therefore called on the National Media Commission to take note of the foregoing and censor media outfits who found to be flaming tensions in the Zangos.

“Just as it happened in Rwanda it took a senseless and reckless comment from a radio person to plunge the whole country into the infamous Hutu and Tutsis massacre where many lives were lost and so we urge that media owners and regulators keep an eye on the airwaves so that no one utters anything derogatory”, the spokesperson stressed.

Story By Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, 


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