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Jimmy Eko-Acquah
Co-Founder of Shout Africa Foundation, Writes

The relationship between Africa and Europe over centuries has always been portrayed as a donor-recipient relationship in the form of developmental aid from Europe to support Africa.

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With the focus on Africa’s development, this development aid has been effective to some extent, however ensuring appropriate accountability has been difficult and Africa’s financial independency looks almost impossible till date.

There is therefore the need to critically consider a better relationship which is based on the fundamental rights of equality, freedom and solidarity. This better relationship must be built on sustainable business models which will make Africa and Europe stronger partners.

These models must put the youth at the forefront of their own economic development.
The African Continental Free Trade Area seeks to promote intra Africa trade and business and an opportunity for multilateral collaboration.

In a similar framework, an Africa-Europe strategic alliance must promote networking spaces between both parties as a dynamic approach to business creation and expansion, knowledge transfers and sharing.

Beyond development aid, this Africa-Europe strategic alliance should rather promote business relationships especially on the private sector level to deepen cooperation for mutual benefits.

The purpose of this alliance should present new and cheap development concepts and models that initiate business between entrepreneurs, investors and private and public institutions for the opening and expansion of African and European markets.

However, to create impact and to increase the chances of potential business creation and expansion to promote global economic development we must once again consider the fundamental rights of equality, freedom and solidarity.

The first step is to create less travel restrictions that brings both African and European entrepreneurs into contact for business network building.

Specifically, African entrepreneurs and investors should be able to travel to Europe with the same ease that European entrepreneurs and investors travel to explore avenues for business opportunities and cooperation.

Source: Press1News 

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