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Odike Demands Constitutional Review

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AKWASI ADDAI aka ‘Odike’ is calling for a review of Ghana’s constitution to help accelerate national development.

According to the United Progressive Party (UPP) Leader, the current constitution seems to impede national growth.



Odike, who is very outspoken, says the constitution only favours elected public officials to amass wealth and live comfortably.

On the contrary, he says the same constitution has been formulated to make the ordinary Ghanaian to unjustifiably suffer.

“The constitution makes our leaders rulers and the citizens as subjects, and that is unacceptable, this should be changed.

“We need a constitution that will prevent our leaders from being selfish and act as servants to the ordinary people”, he said.

Odike was speaking in an interview with Kojo Marfo of Abusua FM in Kumasi on Tuesday. It was monitored by Press1News.

According to UPP founder, the current constitution prevents checks and balances among the three arms of government.

He asked “A constitution which allows the president to appoint ministers from parliament, how can that president be impeached?”.

Odike, who will contest for president on the ticket of the UPP in 2024, reiterated the need for a review of the constitution.

By I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr

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