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NPP Communications Director Wants CEOs Restrained From Contesting Primaries

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Pix: Yusuf Adams – Asante Akyim South NPP Communications Director.

THE ASANTE Akyim South Constituency Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Yusuf Adams, has suggested that the party must restrain CEOs from contesting in the NPPs next parliamentary primaries.

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He said CEOs must be restricted and stopped in their tracks the same way District Chief Executives, party chairpersons and secretaries.

Mr. Adams believes the banning order is the best
prescription for the party to break the 8 in the 2024 elections.

According to Adams most of the CEOs did a great disservice to the party with empty propaganda, corruption allegations and all manner of allegations against the MPs because of their bid to unseat them and thus made it difficult to market the MPs to the electorate for their votes.

This development, Adams noted, contributed to the poor performance of the party in the 2020 parliamentary elections.

The Constituency Communications Director indicated that the party can boast of qualified and competent members who can contest in the
parliamentary primaries and win seats for the party come 2024 without the unhealthy interference of CEOs.

He has drawn the attention of the General Secretary and the National Executives to his concerns if indeed the party is serious and bent on breaking the 8.

He suggested the National Executives of the party should consider pragmatic measures to restrain Chief Executive Officers of State-owned companies and organizations from contesting in the upcoming parliamentary primaries before any harm is done to the fortunes of the party.

The move, he suggested, would enable the party to recapture more seats in parliament to enable them break the 8 in the 2024 elections.

Adams noted that restraining party executives from campaigning for flagbearer hopefuls was in order and urged the national executives to move further to kill the prevailing apathy among members and rejuvenate the support base of the party.

He also noted that the restraining orders that asked District Chief Executives, Secretaries and Chairpersons to relinquish their positions two clear years helped to prevent them from sabotaging the Members of Parliaments.

He stressed that the decision was positive and went a long way to enable MPs to focus on their mandate to serve the constituents at the grassroots.

By Kow Richardson 

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