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MTN Ghana Launches SMEs Month In Kumasi…As Exhibitors Take Advantage To Advertise Products

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MTN GHANA has launched the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Month at the Kumasi Shopping Mall in Asokwa.

The colorful event had about 100 SMEs setting up stands in the precincts of the MTN office where they also displayed their wares and services.



Speaking to reporters, Eric Antwi, MTN Sales Manager said the company has declared the month of July as SME month where it introduces businesses to digital marketing avenues as well as customer care services.

‘’We at MTN see the month of July as SME month where we reach out to businesses with new services and ideas in digital marketing so that together we can give our customers the best of services in seamless manners’’, the MTN official stated.


The MTN official said that the launch of the SME month offers businesses and enterprises the opportunity to exhibit and display their products and services.

MTN, he noted, takes advantage of the presence of these businesses to get them training on how to create their own websites to enhance their business operations.

These enterprises, he mentioned, also get the opportunity to explore business opportunities across the globe by getting hooked on apps available on the MTN network.

‘’Among many other things we do is to teach business owners how to customize text messages in their business name to their customers’’, Mr Antwi noted.

Other information:

The MTN SME fair has become a platform where businesses are introduced to digital apps which enable them to monitor the progress of their operations and sales.

Businesses that can boast of Ten (10) people or 100 as well as others that have one person operating a service have the opportunity to exhibit their wares and services at the SME fair.

The Fair is also designed to provide solutions towards the success of business and trade operations.

Special code provided for businesses to be part of this SME month is *506#.

Story By Michael Ofosu-Afriyie,


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