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Lawyer Kwasi Serbeh Promises Hope For Youth In Ahafo Ano South West

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AN ASPIRING parliamentary candidate for the Ahafo Ano South West constituency of the NPP, Lawyer Kwasi Kwaakye Serbeh has rallied the youth of Ghana to stay hopeful since programmes and policies by the government shows positive outcomes. 

Speaking to the media during a mega conference by the Ashanti Regional Youth wing, Lawyer Serbeh said the NPP was still committed to creating opportunities for the youth of Ghana.

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He noted that policies and programs such as ones rolled by the Youth Employment Agency (YEA), National Entrepreneurial and Investment Program (NEIP) as well as the Technical Vocational Educational Training were offering the opportunities to the youth to become useful and employable.

“I am fired up for the youth of this country because they know the NPP has them in mind and it shows through programmes the party has since attaining reins of government in 2017 unleashed onto the Ghanaian space and job market”, Lawyer Serbeh stated.


Lawyer Serbeh said he was seeking to contest the NPP parliamentary primary in the Ahafo Ano South west to infuse hope into the youth.

He stated the desire to lead and lobby for job opportunities and employment avenues for the youth of the area.

The MP aspirant noted that he was also fired up to rally and rejuvenate the grassroots of the party for victory in the 2024 elections.

“I am in this race to seek for the leadership of the party so i can lead a total revival of this community behind the NPP so we can maximise votes in the upcoming general elections in 2024”, the youthful Aspirant posited.


Lawyer Serbeh said his hope is to see the Ahafo Ano South West develop to become a modern community.

He noted that the people deserved to have basic amenities and other development avenues where they could access healthcare, job opportunities and get support to start their own businesses.

“I represent hope for the youth of this community and a reliable hand for the aged and i am committed to serve with every fibre of strength in me when i am given the nod to lead as Parliamentary candidate by the NPP delegates in this community”

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie,


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