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COKA Preaches Forgiveness Ammong Ghanaians In 2023

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FORMER AFIGYA Kwabre South Constituency Chairman of the ruling new Patriotic Party (NPP) Odeneho Kwaku Appiah, has called on Ghanaians to live in harmony, peace and unity.

The former party executive said these are necessary in the ensuing 2023 and suggested that these are achievable when we are ready to extol the spirit of forgiveness.

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Odeneho Kwaku Appiah, the head of the COKA family noted that it is a sure way to ensure that stability and friendship is restored permanently among neighbours in the interest of the country at large.

He emphasised the need for peace to prevail in the coming years and at all times as it had been in the past and called on political leaders to take a cue from his new year message posted in his Facebook page.

“We have two days to crossover to another year Let us show love. One thing I’ll ask you to do before we end the year is to make sure you call or send a message to all those who have offended you. Let us show maturity and forgive them.”

COKA, as he has become widely known imamong his teeming admirers advocated that Love is made to overcome everything in this world in all endeavours.

“With the few days left to enter 2023, let us be at peace with everybody today. Tomorrow might be too late to make any meaningful impact”, he cautioned.

In a related issue, COKA called on religious, traditional leaders and politicians to continue to preach and demonstrate the virtues of peace, love, piety and peaceful co-existence wherever they find themselves, adding that it is only through lasting peace that can Ghana attain the desired development.

BY Kow Richardson 


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