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Car Snatchers Invade K’si…Police On Red Alert

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ASP Godwin Ahianyo, the Ashanti Regional Police PRO




SOME CAR snatchers have reportedly invaded the Ashanti Regional capital of Kumasi lately and already a number of people have fallen prey to their nefarious activities.

The Ashanti Regional Police Command are aware of the nuisance and insecurity being caused by these car snatchers so they have warned car users to be on red alert at all times.

According to the police, the unknown car snatchers usually target people who drive SUV and Pickup vehicles, and they usually pounced on such people at the entrance of their houses.

“The Ashanti Regional Police Command wishes to alert the public, especially persons, who drive SUV’s and Pickup vehicles of the reemerging of car snatching syndicates
within the metropolis.

“These syndicates usually attack their unsuspecting victims at the entrance of their homes at gun point and snatch the vehicle from them”, a police press release has disclosed.

ASP Godwin Ahianyo, the Ashanti Regional PRO, who authored the release, said the police reduced cases of car snatching in the region in the past, but the menace was resurfacing.

“Though the Command in recent past has arrested a number of these syndicates, some of which have been convicted and others on remand, bringing the menace to its barest minimum.

“The Command however, in the past few days, recorded cases of car snatching, hence alerting the public to be on the lookout for these persons”, adding that police is ready for the car snatchers.

ASP Ahianyo advised car users in the city to be security conscious at all times so that they would not fall prey to these miscreants, issuing some security tips to drivers and car owners.

“The public is therefore advised to take the following personal security tips seriously in order to nip the menace in the bud”, ASP Godwin Ahianyo disclosed to drivers and car owners.

“Never stop at the entrance of your gate and leave the ignition key on, whilst you open the gate to enter your home and instal lights to illuminate the entire drive way and the compound of the house.

“Clear bushes periodically to deter miscreants from hiding around to attack you and call home when approaching for someone in the house to look out for suspicious
characters around before you get home.

“Make sure you have good exterior lighting, particularly around the front and the back door, so that you can identify persons, and any dark areas where an intruder could take
cover to attack.

“You should be able to control external lighting from inside the house and be alert to anything unusual, such as strangers waiting outside your house or vehicles following you.

“If you notice anything suspicious report it to the police or relevant authorities and always vary the routes you use to your house, so that you cannot be predicted by these
miscreants”, he said.

Authored By

I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr.

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