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Cameo1Homes Rolls Out “No Commission Fees” Initiative

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Cameo1Homes, a subsidiary of Cameo1 Group, which has over the past few years worked hard to provide quality and affordable accommodation for Ghanaians of all classes, has announced a new initiative that could change the real estate industry in Ghana.

The real estate brokerage company known for its innovative approach to buying and selling homes, is now offering buyers the opportunity to purchase a home without having to pay any commission fees.

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According to Mr. Augustine Ewiah, CEO of Cameo1 Homes, the new initiative is straightforward and explained that when a buyer purchases a home through Cameo1Homes, they will not be charged any commission fees.

“Instead”, he said “the commission fee will be paid by the seller which initiative, Mr. Ewiah said is a significant departure from the traditional real estate model, where both the buyer and the seller are required to pay commission fees.

Enumerating the several benefits of the New Initiative, the CEO mentioned that under the new initiative buyers can save thousands of dollars on commission fees, making it easier for them to purchase a home.

He said the new initiative additionally provides greater transparency and simplifies the home buying process, as buyers can focus on finding the right home without worrying about commission fees.

“The initiative does not only benefit buyers, but it also provides greater transparency and simplifies the home buying process”, Mr. Ewiah said.

He indicated that since buyers are always looking for ways to save money Cameo1Homes’ new initiative could be a game-changer for the real estate industry.

Explaining the motive for rolling out the “No Commission Fees” Initiative, the Cameo1Homes boss said the company has always been committed to innovation and disrupting traditional industries and that the new initiative is another example of this commitment to innovation.

“By offering buyers the opportunity to purchase a home without having to pay any commission fees, Cameo1Homes is challenging the traditional real estate model and creating a more equitable and transparent system,” he emphasised.

Mr. Ewiah believed that by putting buyers first and eliminating commission fees, Cameo1Homes is taking a bold step to set a new standard and change the real estate industry.

BY Kow Richardson 


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