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Angry Youth Chases Barekese Chief From Palace

Less than 1 minute Minutes

THE YOUTH of  Barekese today (Sunday) chased  their Chief, Nana Amoateng Brenyah, out of his palace while he and a few elders were observing  the Akwasidae festival.

It took the swift intervention of the local police with backing from a reinforcement team from neighbouring Kumasi in order to save the life of the embattled traditional leader.

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The chief, who was enstooled two years ago amid misunderstanding and dispute over his eligibility, had to be sneaked on to a waiting police vehicle to safety but not without being pelted with water and stones.

The angry youth slaughtered a sheep at the frontage of the palace to signify the purported destoolment of the chief while the police guarded the palace, currently locked up by the protestors.

They accused the embittered chief of sidelining some five heads of families and declining to enstool sub-chiefs to replace those who had passed away before his enstoolment thus encouraging a one man show in the town.

According to them, the chief has no council of elders and the only stool elder he confers with is Nana Berko, the Adontenhene after he has sidelined heads of the Assinie, Asokore, Asona, Bretuo families and Asiakwahene.

Nana Brenyah is also alleged to be selling lands without restraint irrespective of whether the parcel of land is already acquired or belonged to a family.

The youth told Press1News that they have ample evidence that the chief is not a royal and queried how come a chief would rent residential accommodation in his own town.

They have threatened to prevent Nana Brenyah from returning to his rented home in the town.

By Kow Richardson 


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