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Angry Pragyia Drivers Threaten Court Action

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LEADERS OF Pragyia Drivers Association in Kumasi have threatened court action against Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) restricting them from operating within the Central Business District (CDB).

The decision, they said is to seek interpretation from the court on the restriction of tricycles operations in the city and to stop the KMA action.

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The threat comes in the wake of the assembly attempt to curb increasing indiscipline among tricycle riders in the city and to reduce congestion in the CBD.

The ban which was supposed to commerce on June 15 was deferred to unannounced date by the assembly for further consultation among the transport unions.

The leader of the Pragyia Drivers Association in Kumasi, Mohammed Alhanssan, told Otec FM’s ‘Nyansapo’ that the assembly decision amounts to discrimination in the transport business.

He stated that the tricycle like any other motor is registered by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) and has legal right to operate in the city.

“The KMA decision to ban tricycle from operating in some parts in the city is discriminatory so we are seeking legal interpretation at court and also to stop the KMA on their decision,” he told Captain Koda, the host.

He added that “the KMA should rather ban ‘trotro’ vehicles and long vehicles from entering and operating in the CBD if they want to decongest the city”.

Story by Francis Appiah

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